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Virtual Reality


Pacific Northwest Ballet Volumetric Experience


This was the VR portion of a VR/AR volumetric recording project that I was the Unity developer on contracted by Lindsay Digital, in partnership with Microsoft and the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Integrated assets and volumetric content, created controls and sequencing, and the port of the experience to Hololens.

Multiplayer Networked VR & Games


Showcasing some simple elements in a networked VR demo that I assisted on, including network synced physics, player customization, and scored minigames.

Dischord: A 2018 Global Game Jam Experience

My team's submission to the 2018 Global Game jam. Our game was Dischord: a Battle of Bards. The goal is to match 2 out of 3 of the notes of your opponent's in order to deflect their chords in VR, using a magical instrument. First to 7 wins.

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Mixed/Augmented Reality


LookingGlass Point Cloud Animation Viewer


Migrated a Point Cloud Animation Project into the LookingGlass framework.

Converse AR Experience (ARKit)


Made updates to Hinge Digital's Converse AR experience for iOS. The updates included: new scene lighting/rendering setup, additional shoe styles, adjustments to menus and UI, new textures and materials, migration to new iOS versions, and more.

AR 3D Avatar From Face Recognition


Utilized OpenCV facial landmark detection in Unity3D with a custom face rigged 3D model to create a reactive avatar for a live video streamer to use in place of webcam footage. Useful for reaction shots without exposing identity, remaining on brand, etc. 

Adidas Hololens Footwear Experience


All aspects, prototyped, and developed the entire hololens experience, as well as optimized 3D content, and provided UX and dynamic censoring effect for shoe (title censor effect added in post before shoe was released to the public).

Shoe design was initially provided by client and optimized in tandem with 3rd party contractor. Later recreated optimized 3D model with custom textures myself for an update.

Hololens Scene Placement System


This was the first-pass prototype for a volumetric video content anchoring system for a Hololens project in partnership with Microsoft and Pacific Northwest Ballet. Created UI, anchoring system, and additive scene loader and content sequencer, allowing a non-Hololens-specific scene to be loaded in a space in a room that was detected to be clear of obstacles.  

Adidas AR Footwear Experience


Utilized Vuforia SDK within Unity3D to create an augmented reality experience. This utilizing a provided head silhouette as an AR marker to spawn an interactive 3D shoe to demonstrate look and feel of then in-development product. UI included capabilities for rotating the shoe with touch controls, reseting to pre-defined rotations and highlighting key features of the product, as well as displaying information about the product and linking to in-app videos unique to each component of the shoe. 

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Interactive Retail Experiences

Boston Marathon Runbase Interactive Experience


Interactive touch-screen wall display displaying historical event and participants information. Created an infinite scrolling wall of names of past runners, with pop-up search tool to bring up information from thousands of runners based on country/state of origin, name, date run, etc. Created scrolling & updating calendar pulling from an event server curated by Adidas. Provided hotfixes and tweaks remotely from Portland over multiple years.

Adidas GearCase Retail Experience


Utilizing transparent-screen technology, Gearcase allows a product to be displayed and revealed behind a screen that can be transparent or opaque. My contributions included UI aspects, video linking, and backend controls that allowed for sleep, wake, and power management during off-hours. 

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Mobile Product Visualization

3D Replay - Interactive Sports


Ingested tracked skeletal animations, and created a 3D experience that was synced with reference video. Utilized time-scaling to provide a slow-mo effect that also maintained smooth animation from otherwise discrete joint positions/rotation data. Created most of the visual effects, UI, and interaction aside from player picker dropdowns & ball select/undo button.

Interactive Sports Brochure App


Assisted primary developer by programming orbital-controls, touch-commands, camera animations, and infographics pop-ups, as well as optimized geometry of provided assets in addition to creating several stand-alone textured 3D assets.

Golf Club Touch Gallery


Created and programmed a carousel-style image gallery with faked perspective for use in a larger sports product application for iPad. The gallery's size is flexible/dynamic and will automatically scale with the number of elements within. Each element contains an image, a name, and a description that are automatically displayed once the item is the primary focus on screen.

Retail Experience App


Programmed custom texture atlasing solution to shave several gigabytes of file size off of final build. Additionally created large library of apparel 3D assets with baked light-mapping for use in the scenes.

Retail Security Demonstration App


Created extensive library of 3D product models as well as optimized, animated low-poly models of feature security products. Additionally programmed orbital controls and info graphic pop ups for feature products.

LRG Fixture Product Presentations


Converted 3D scan models and blueprints into optimized geometry, with custom reflection mimicking shaders for later use in larger enterprise application.

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Enterprise Tools/Applications


Point Cloud Color Correction Tool


Utilized Morton-Sort Order technique to create a tool to take an input undesired Hue/Saturation/Value range, and replace points in that range with averaged colors based on approximate nearest-neighbors (without searching all points or utilizing octree partitioning). Developed intuitive (if a bit basic) UI for defining target re-color range.

Synthetic Point Cloud Generation


Created a tool in Unity that ingested animated 3D models, and output a sequence of point cloud frames based on a desired density in PLY format. These frames' points were evenly distributed given arbitrary topology of input meshes. This technology was required to share tech samples without sharing sensitive rights holder IP.

Footwear Wall Planner App


Created all aspects of this retail fixture planning suite for all platforms then available (iOS, Android, PC, Mac). Users could choose between several wall styles, and assign product to each slots, demarcated through color and symbol coding as well as a serial number per shoe type. Database of footwear was updated each season from a spreadsheet import. Final wall could be saved/loaded later, as well as the contents of which saved and tabulated for costs and other bookkeeping. Note, drag-and-drop features were added as well.

Retail Fixture Planning App


Recreated a depreciated project after it degraded in outdated versions of iOS and Unity. Recreated drag-drop code, material swapping. and reinterpreted original messaging/saving mechanics after their underlying code was no longer supported. Additionally provided updated 3D models for fixtures and clothing.

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All projects listed were developed in the Unity3D game engine, with the use of other software for assets.



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